EM5 Gift Box 5: with 13 of the most delectable products, sweet & salty & healthy (all Halaal)

A sumptuous gift box of 13 simply scrumptious products, hand crafted in small batches to add to a wonderful celebration. And packet with love. From us to you.

Our most sumptuous gift box wrapped in golden  ribbon – filled with the following unbelievable variety of delicious items:

  • A 120g packet of the most delicious Caramel Cashews available
  • A 120g beautiful little bottle filled with Belgian Chocolate panned Malt Balls – pure indulgence
  • A 130g packet of everyone’s favourite Salted Mixed Nuts
  • A 120g packet of Honeycomb Bites (South Africa’s best honeycomb, crushed and mixed with Belgian couverture milk chocolate, then cut into bites and individually wrapped)
  • A 260g packet of soft succulent & indulgent Turkish Figs
  • A 100g packet of soft succulent Turkish Apricots
  • A 100g packet of panned almonds
  • A 100g packet of incredibly delicious pitted whole dates
  • A chunky square 75g slab of the best Vanilla Fudge imaginable
  • A chunky square 75 g slab of everyone’s favourite Almond & Vanilla fudge
  • A chunky square 75g slab of unique Cafe Espresso fudge
  • A 80g packet of soft slices of Plain Beef Biltong
  • A 80g packet of soft slices of Chilli Beef Biltong

All products are Halaal.


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