FDB6: A Box full of Chocolate Delights, Fudge & Aromatic Luxury Men’s Soap

FDB6: A Box full of Chocolate delights, Fudge & a Luxury Men’s Soap Bar,

Perfectly packed in a lovely beautiful black gift box complete with ribbon

  • Belgian Milk Chocolate Panned Malt Balls in a 100g bag
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Panned Almonds, snuggly sealed in a 120g sweet little ink bottle
  • Indulge Chocolate Bar: Hand Made Old fashioned sticky nougat peppered with Macadamia and Almond and smothered in Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Faraway Chocolate Bar: Hand Made traditional Rocky Road bar – chinks of honeycomb, fudge, marshmallows and cherries, all rolled into – and then smothered in Belgian Milk Chocolate.
  • Code Zero Chocolate Bar: Meshuggah’s famous Hand Made bar – layers of fudge and Turkish rose jelly, enrobed in Belgian Milk Chocolate. Decadent!
  • Hand Made 75g slab of yummy Espresso Fudge
  • Luxury Men’s Soap Bar: Musk & Sandalwood, from The Pepper Tree Men’s Soap Collection
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