EM3 Gift Box 3: filled with 11 fabulous products, fruity, salty, sweet. Delicious & healthy: all in one box.

A gift box for Eid, full of 11 simply scrumptious products, hand crafted – with love – in small batches to add to a wonderful celebration.

An incredibly beautiful gift box filled with eleven (11) exquisite – and quite delicious – products

  • A 100g packet of soft succulent Turkish Apricots
  • A 100g packet of delicious (and healthy) Almond Butterscotch Brittle
  • A 120g packet Honeycomb Bites (South Africa’s best honeycomb, crushed and mixed with Belgian couverture milk chocolate, then cut into bites and individually wrapped)
  • A 100g packed of everyone’s favourite Salted Mixed Nuts
  • A 100g packet of soft succulent indulgent Turkish Figs
  • A chunky 75g slab of creamy Vanilla Fudge, hand wrapped for perfection
  • A 40g packet of the most delicious Caramel Cashews imaginable
  • An 80g packet of simply delicious thinly sliced Plain Beef Biltong
  • An 80g packet of simply delicious thinly sliced Chilli Beef Biltong
  • And as the cherry on the top – 2 all time favourites & exceptionally unique chocolate bars being:
  • The “Far Away” Chocolate Bar: a combination of chunks of honeycomb, marshmallows, fudge & cherries, all mixed into (and then further smothered) in Belgian couverture milk chocolate; and
  • The “Indulge” Chocolate Bar: the best chewy nougat full of macadamias & almonds and smothered in Belgian couverture milk chocolate.

All product are Halaal.