Valentine’s Day Gift Box (VDGB1) (Sugar Free plus 2 Sugar products)

R329.55 incl. VAT

A beautiful little Black Gift Box filled with delicious  5 x Sugar Free Products and 2 x gorgeous little sugar chocolate hearts.

Delivered directly to your door, (or to your loved one’s door).

What deliciousness is hiding in the Sugar Free Box?

100g Pink & White Striped Strawberry Bonbons – hand made & hand cut.

100g Mocktails Bonbons Drops – a fun variety of “Mocktail” flavours in one Bonbon packet

100g Watermelon & Mint Drops  – a beautiful shades of pink

100g Almond Brittle – tastes as good as the sugar version, if not better! The best Sugar Free Brittle ever!

50g Sweet Little Tube filled with Snow White Litchi Bonbons. Unique and beyond scrumptious!

(The sugar substitute is Isomalt. It may taste like sugar but it sure isn’t sugar!)

Warning: sugar free substitutes (sugar free alcohols) – when eaten in quantities above 40g per day may cause an upset tummy). Our products are absolutely delicious but please limit your intake to  a maximum of 40g-50g per day.

We have added two Sugar Products to the little box being: 1x Turkish Rose Jelly Heart under-enrobed in Belgian Milk Chocolate; and 1x Turkish Rose Jelly Heart smothered in Belgian Milk Chocolate. These two additions are NOT sugar free. They are added so that these little hearts may be lovely to share with family or friends who are not restricted to a sugar free diet.