Chocolate Time


At Meshuggah, we are crazy about our outrageously delicious chocolate bars. Once you have tried them – we guarantee that you will be equally crazy about them.

Our chocolate malt & shortcake balls are ridiculously yummy, and the little ink bottles bottles are perfect add-on gifts for any occasion.

On the healthy side - you can now spoil yourself with Dark Chocolate coated Almonds bursting with nourishment.  Wholesome, yet decadently delicious. And White Chocolate covered Cashews.

To create our indulgent bars, and chocolate products, we use Belgian Callebaut® Chocolate. Why Callebaut® you may ask? For two reasons: firstly, it is the finest Belgian chocolate available (and only the finest is good enough for Meshuggah) and secondly, because we believe in Africa. And because we believe in Africa, we support those who also believe in Africa.

Callebaut® supports cocoa farmers in West Africa by investing in sustainable cocoa cultivation and community programs in the West African cocoa growing communities. And that delights us no end. In the same way we know our chocolate products will delight you.

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