About Meshuggah

Artisanal Candy Unwrapped

At Meshuggah, our Cape Town based team of sweet artisans uses only the finest ingredients to make outrageously irresistible confectionery sensations.

With all the passion and skill that goes into every batch…. the colours, shapes, textures and flavours… our creations are beautiful to look at, and the taste is equally delightful.

Our delicious range is hand crafted in the old-fashioned, time-honoured traditional way – each little works of art guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

You may be wondering, why “Meshuggah”?

Well it reflects exactly how completely crazy we are about making our outrageously delicious artisanal chocolates, fudges, brittles, marshmallows, in fact all sorts of confectionery, even that which is sugar-free.

And nothing less than the finest Belgian Chocolate is good enough for our perfect products (which are all Halaal)!

And here is another hidden secret…

We can customise for your special event!

Yes, you read this correctly….our sweet artisans are wild about making products to suit your needs – be this customising the colours of our Rock Candy Hearts to match the bridal colour choices; or to create products in your corporate colour and to suit your brand.

Contact our “Crazy about Confectionery Consultant” to discuss your special requirements and together let’s create that something special for you. Send an email to info@meshuggah.co.za


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