Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can never be complete without you gifting - to your special your loved one - the most gorgeous, delicious and unforgettable confectionery to be found anywhere on the planet: created by Meshuggah, inspired by love!

Perfectly rolled little hearts in traditional rock candy; simply divine hearts of strawberry jelly under-enrobed smothered in Belgian milk chocolate, and melt-in-your-mouth double sided pink & white hearts in marshmallow squares. (Go on - give your heart to someone!)

These gorgeous little products not only taste wonderful, they are also will be beautiful to look – and almost too beautiful to eat… Almost!

PLEASE NOTE: Orders for Jelly Chocolate Hearts & Marshmallow Hearts are closed for 2021 & will only be made for Special Occasions in batches.

For details, and prices, send enquires by email:

marshmallow puzzle hearts 4 flat
Underenrobed Jelly Hearts two 2
Rock Candy Hearts 100g
2. Rock Candy white Close up 2