Eid Mubarak

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Eid: a time of celebration with family and loved ones. It is a time of sweet dishes and gifts for family, children, and to those in need.

And it can never be complete without the most gorgeous, delicious, and unforgettable delicacies to be found anywhere on the planet: created by Meshuggah, inspired by love and the desire for perfection.

From Turkish Apricots & Figs, to mixed nuts, caramelised cashews, perfect chocolate malt or chocolate shortcake balls, dark chocolate almonds, traditional coconut ice, marshmallows of all types, delicious soft biltong & caramelised popcorn. Our gifts boxes - or individual products - are perfect for Eid. All impeccably made & all Halaal.

These gorgeous little products not only taste wonderful, but they are also will be beautiful to look – and almost too beautiful to eat… Almost!