Father's Day

Fathers, Dads, Grandpas, Oupas, Husbands: what would be do without them. They drive everyone mad – especially Mom – but they make us smile as only Dads can. They are strong & sweet, kind, goofy, mostly grumpy, and often embarrass us in front of our friends. But we love them to bits! So, we need to show them this. Not only on Father’s Day. Everyday. But on Father’s Day we can – and must – spoil them!

And that’s exactly why Meshuggah has created such a variation of Father’s Day Gift Boxes: because each Father is unique and so is each box created by us. Some boxes are full of chocolates; others a variety of all sorts of deliciousness; some contain soaps, others not; and some have naughty little bits of wine, sherry and mampoer but because many fathers don’t or cannot drink alcohol, there are plenty of other fabulous options available for them.

Because our factory has an Halaal certification: all boxes containing a type of alcohol, have been packed and sealed off site.

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