MD Box 2: Mother’s Day Rectangle Gift Box in Black with fully transparent Lid (containing a variety of 10 exquisitely delicious treats.

Gift Box photographs are representation of the products contained. The actual gift box contains the products itemised with this post.

  • Soft delectable Squares of Pink & white Ice Cream and Vanilla Marshmallows (1 x 160g packet).
  • Luscious Turkish Apricots (1 x 100g packet)
  • Square slab of delicious Cape Velvet Fudge (1 x 75g)
  • Hand Crafted Rock Candy Hearts of Strawberries in Cream (1 x 100g packet)
  • Soft scrumptious Pomegranate Jelly Squares – specially made for Mother’s Day (1 x 100g packet)
  • Pink & White Striped Sugar Free Sucker in a gorgeous Heart Shape (specially made for Mother’s Day (1 x 30g).
  • Soft Jelly Heart under-enrobed in Belgian couverture milk Chocolate (1 x packet 30g)
  • A large soft Marshmallow Heart fully enrobed in Belgian couverture milk Chocolate (1 x packet 30g)
  • Caramel Cashews (1 x perfectly sized 40g packet) – a completely addictive product
  • Mini Sugar Free Bonbons – Pink & White Stripes – (1 x beautiful gift bottle 150g). Specially made for Mother’s Day.
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